Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life is never flat

When we get some problm and that is so terrible, we actually think that God don't care with us. Do you know... life is like a road. we ever get traffic jam, traffic light, sleeping police.." gronjalan" and another sign.. haha... :D

Eventhough we can use the main or toll road, we still get some problems.. for example: toll fee, and may be can get some accident.. ( Astagfirullah, wish.. that's not bad acc, hwaaa... amiiin )

Life is like a road..never flat, i believe it, sometimes we feel so poor, sad,exhausted and sometimes we feel cheerfull, exited, and etc..

So.. how can we solve the problems in our life?

just try, pray, and be honest..

if we still get smthing that not good for us.. don't give up.. cause this is life.. and we've to believe that Our God will give another road that's so remarkable for us...


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