Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life is never flat

When we get some problm and that is so terrible, we actually think that God don't care with us. Do you know... life is like a road. we ever get traffic jam, traffic light, sleeping police.." gronjalan" and another sign.. haha... :D

Eventhough we can use the main or toll road, we still get some problems.. for example: toll fee, and may be can get some accident.. ( Astagfirullah, wish.. that's not bad acc, hwaaa... amiiin )

Life is like a road..never flat, i believe it, sometimes we feel so poor, sad,exhausted and sometimes we feel cheerfull, exited, and etc..

So.. how can we solve the problems in our life?

just try, pray, and be honest..

if we still get smthing that not good for us.. don't give up.. cause this is life.. and we've to believe that Our God will give another road that's so remarkable for us...


Saturday, September 25, 2010

piece of wish

when i grew up, i really wanted to know what i becme in the future..
for example, when i was in Senior High School,third grade.. i wanted to feel how becme university student. :)

Now.. i want to know what happen with me nextyear or may be 2-3 years after
nobody know it.. The only one who knows all is Allah.. But people in the world still can change it, if they want to try.. believe it.. ^^

If i graduate from engineering physics ITS, i'll continue my study in my favor univ. . amiin..

I think that science is important, and i want to increase and develop it, cause i know how a little things that i know in the whole world. and i'm still stupid. my grandfather tell me, that i have to continue my study till the end, like my father.. i think that's his hope.. and.. i don't wanna make him dissapoint with me... my father also talk to me," Diit, give your best, don't ever give up with the situation, if the situation can be changed by you, you can change it... but if you can't change the situation.. don't sigh.. be patience and honest.. :) "
thanks 4 all support.. although sometimes.. i get "on-off" rapidly.. hhi ^^
i still need support, actually from people whom i love

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Apartemen-Pasar Turi

heeei blooki..
Ako mao crita ni, gimana ako bisa nyampe stasiun pasar turi.. :D
Selasa, 7 September 2010 emang jadi tanggal pulang ko ke semarang.. Heheu.. ako naeg kereta Rajawali yang emang jadwal berangkatnya jam setengah 2 siang. Temenku, berinisial "Z" sudah jauh2 hari menawarin dirinya buat nganterin ako k stasiun. Waktu hari selasa, ako bener2 takuuuuuut.. udah jam setengah 1 dia belum juga nongol..hhu.. mana mma ku nyuruh ako brangkat bawa motor sendiri lagii.. ako kan males.. tapi di lain pihak ako bener2 takuuuut gg bisa pulang, ako bayangin lebaran di sby di apartemen sendri.. hiks2.. waktu itu ako terus aja nelponin n sms dia berkali-kali, tapi gg da balessaan..

akhirnya dia bales smsku, dia bilang 10 menit lagi nyampe di antique.. dia juga minta mav, soalnya dia ketiduran.. ok..ako menunggu tapi tetep aja deg deg an..hhu
Dy lalu sms agy.. 5 menit agy nyampe..trus sms lagi 3 menit nyampe .. (kek update status gt ma ako..hhe)

trus dia nyampe d depan apartemen, trus langsung d brangkaat..
nah waktu perjalanan ini bener2 bikin SHOCK.. ako hampir mati kaget, diboncengnya.. haduuu gg kebayang bener mau dibonceng kek gitu lagi,hiiiiii...
jakhirnya ako nyampe...jam waktu itu udah nunjukin pukul 13.15 , langsung aja ako bergegas masuk k stasiun n udh stand by di kereta..fiiuuh...
ako gg mao lagii dbnceng kek bisa diungkapin dee pake kata2..
tapi thanks bgt deh..ako gg jadi ketinggalan kereta.. n ako posting ni juga di kereta loo... ^^

meet pulkaam.. meet lebaraan blookii!! :D
mmuaach! :*