Wednesday, March 3, 2010

i believe my GOD has remarkable plan.. for me

i never know.. who am i..
i just know, that i'm ordinary girl..who don't know everything..

i make a wish..

Now..or tomorrow.. i'll save my time.. with people whom i loved.. friends..n the other.. i want to be a real moeslim..

when my mind become very "hectic" i try to relax..

first inhale n exhale slowly..(hahaha)
then remmember : i live..for what? then i look my parent's picture..hmmm...
i wanna make them proud...and dream that my sisters and brother give their smile, when i go home.. or when i feel homesick..

i have a spirit that never die..
spirit diit!!
look at your family n your friend , they are souronding u ndiit!!
keep my spirit GOD..please..
n i always believe that U has remarkable plan for me..

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