Sunday, June 24, 2012

In 10 Month .. i left u blokiii.. :(

Blokkii.. i'm sorry for leaving u.. :(
i can't keep writing on u..
miss u..
i lost my account hhuhu..
but finally i can caught u agaaiin !! :D

In 10 month.. i got a alot of experience.. many stories..many problems..
that i couldn't tell u..

Do u know blokkii..??
I can erase little by little about " u know wht i mean"... he's nothing for me again..

Now.. i just wanna be a better muslim who want to improve my soul for my God..

In the name of God.. most gracious and most merciful.. :)

i nev' walk alone.. He's always with me.. wherever i walk.. :)

hehe.. do u know blookiii?
now.. i'm doing " KP " in petrokimia gresik, with el... KP is like work just for 1-2 month. I can compare w/ what i get in college and what engineers do in industry.
I stay in el's home.. her family is very kind and friendly :)
In here.. i've eaten : pentol korea, bumbu rumo, pentol alun2 gresik, pecel semanggi, martabak usus, and etc..
hahaa.. i can be fatter than before i think.. -_-"

ooh .. i've nt told u about my guide in KP , His name is mr. Eri..
He's so funny , lowprofile, and friendly..

*i enjoy in here :D

Oupss.. i think enough blokii... c.u. suuun :*